About Flip the Page Education Services

Flip the Page Education Services is a personalized tutoring service for students from k-8. The main focus is on French language practice. We also offer a variety of other subjects at the request of students and their parents. All sessions are student focused and are personalized to fit the student’s needs, learning styles, and personality.

We constantly strive to provide innovative and modernized approaches to education. As such, our main goal is to help as many students as possible succeed in the classroom. With this as our main driving factor, we are currently developing some exciting new products, which will help modernize all tutoring sessions throughout Canada.

Our Story

Flip the Page Education Services was originally created to provide valuable French tutoring services to students in the greater Woodstock, NB area. As the tutoring list grew, so did our understanding of the needs of local students and the needs outside of our local area. Through the information gained, we were able to begin to create innovative ideas about how to better serve students in our local area as well as outside of our local area.

Meet Our Founding Team

Tara English, Co-Founder

Tara English has over 9 years of teaching experience in New Brunswick and Alberta. She has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, and a Masters in Education in the field of learning exceptionalities, all from the University of New Brunswick. Tara is a student-focused teacher with an education-first mindset.

Alex English, Co-Founder

Since completing his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degrees from the University of New Brunswick, Alex has worked for over 8 years in various positions within the Federal Government. Alex brings an innovative, team-focused approach to the Flip the Page Education Services team.