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Moving Tutoring into the Future

Flip the Page Education Services started as an in-person tutoring service. The main goal was to provide academic support to the students of the greater Woodstock, NB area. As the tutoring list grew, so did the list of barriers for students to access tutoring services. From these problems, the solution of creating a two-sided marketplace app to connect students and freelance tutors in an in-app video chat platform was born.


Although the focus has shifted from in-person tutoring to video chat based tutoring, the mission remains the same – providing an opportunity for all students to thrive in the classroom. With this in mind, Flip the Page is beginning to partner with community organizations. These partnerships will help identify students who need academic support but cannot afford to hire a tutor. For every 20 hours of tutoring sessions completed, a 1 hour session will be given to a student in need. We want to ensure that all students have access to the expert tutors on our platform.


Freelance tutors who register to become tutors on the platform will gain much more than a platform to tutor students online. They will be given the opportunity to join a community of tutors where they will share best practices, learn from each other, and make a positive impact on a variety of students. Tutors will be provided with online tools to help them to be successful in every online tutoring session.


Removing the barriers to tutoring that are faced by many students and their families, while providing a marketplace for tutors to grow, share, and teach, is the main priority of Flip the Page. Working with partners, students, and tutors, we are working towards creating a world where every student has an opportunity to thrive.

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